Purging for a functional household

Fellow housewives… and any other home owner in reality, it is so nice to live in a tidy, clean and organized house. Right? An organized house – an organized mind- a happier wife – happier family. But sometimes it might get a bit out of hand especially when there are young kids in the house. Ahh all those toys!

Well I’ve come to realize that during the years we end up collecting loads and loads of stuff. I’ve come to realize also that chances are that a big chunk of this stuff most probably will be unnecessary, unusable, extra, not to our liking anymore… in simple words… it can be considered junk. I’m sure that everyone or most people who are not minimalists can relate to what I’m saying.

Is holding to these things really necessary? Is it healthy? Sometimes it is funny realizing what kind of excuses we come up with just not to get rid of certain things which are unused in the house. Unfortunately this has the potential to end up in a hoarding obsession.

If you do like to have and live in a clean and tidy house you cannot afford to have this. A lot of things…. especially these unused ones will definitely inhibt your chance to live neatly and organized and your chances of keeping a tidy house will start fading away.

Such unused items are just taking up space. Wasted money. Lack of storage and lack of space. No business person wants to have dead stock on hand so neither do we!

What needs to be done? Get rid of them…. purge!


The K-T-D-S System

Get yourself 4 boxes or big containers. Mark them like this…KEEP, TOSS, DONATE, SELL. Among these things you can find things to good use, so keep. Others will have no use, so toss. Other things will not be good for you anymore but good for someone else, so donate. Other things will be good enough to make some money from like good quality high end products, so sell.

Proceed to organize your house for more functionality from there! You will be surprised how much storage space will have been magically created!

How will you choose what to keep, what to sell and all the rest?

Below I will share a list that I use as a guide to help me stay on track. It is based on items per room. So whenever I am giving a thorough clean to each room I can go through the stuff easily.


  1. Any chipped china, glasses, plates….
  2. Any lonely lid that his buddy container cannot be found
  3. Any appliance which is not functional
  4. Any excess of plastic or paper bags
  5. Any expired food which I forgot about


  1. Any expired medicine
  2. Any underwear or towels that did their time and need to be replaced
  3. Any old bottles and old products


  1. Any bed linen that have seen  better days
  2. Any broken belts, jewellery, torn tights and socks (you can mend the socks to save some money)
  3. Anything with no use that has found its home in my nightstand’s drawer.
  4. Any clothing items, shoes and purses which we didn’t wear in the past year or more.
  5. Outgrown children’s clothes and shoes


  1. Stationery drawer – anything broken and not working like dried up pens
  2. Any old receipts or expired warranties
  3. Any other outdated papers and notebooks
  4. Magazines
  5. Outdated technological devices like old or broken down mobiles and remote controls that have nothing to control


  1. Any expired or unused products
  2. Any cleaning rags that needs replacement
  3. Any broken containers / laundry baskets
  4. Any broken pegs


  1. Any stash of unused craft items
  2. Any stash of things needed for potential projects that have been collecting dust for more than a year
  3. Any broken house or seasonal or holiday decorations
  4. Old batteries
  5. Old paints
  6. Toys which have become unusable and too small
  7. Broken tools

I hope this helps you in your struggle with organization (if you have any!) Or at least you won’t feel very overwhelmed with the task.

Just remeber


Working in a cluttered house will make you feel miserable.

8b7c08e39165afcac3c88a6012b85c28--vintage-scrapbook-advertising-poster (1)

Working in a clutter free house will make you feel lighter, more organized and more in control. Housework will become something near enjoyable.

Or else…. to end this post on a funnier side….

20170809_062937 JUST JOKING!

Image credits – google.

Lots of love



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